There are two main ways for Office programs to exchange information (e.g. You can use the DDE function to initiate a dynamic data exchange (DDE) conversation with another application, request an item of information from that application, and display that information in a control on a form or report.. For example, you can use the DDE function in the ControlSource property of a text box to display data from a specified cell in a Microsoft Office Excel 2007 worksheet. The only difference is that the location of data in Word is specified by referencing Bookmarks rather than a cell range. For more information on dynamic vs. static tags refer to the server help file. Microsoft Office (MS Office) contains a mechanism called Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). To preserve numeric data you've formatted as a percentage or as currency during a mail merge, follow the instructions in the "Step 2: Use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) for a mail merge" section.

If you need to change DDE functionality in Excel after installing the update, follow these steps: **Update: ** On 1/9/2018, Microsoft released an update for Microsoft Office that adds defense-in-depth configuration options to selectively disable the DDE protocol in all supported editions of Microsoft Excel. One method is to use the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol. In your Excel data source that you'll use for a mailing list in a Word mail merge, make sure you format columns of numeric data correctly. Dynamic Data Exchange to Word Using DDE to access data stored in a Microsoft Word document is the almost the same procedure as used for Excel. add an Excel worksheet into a Word document). DDE, or Dynamic Data Exchange, is a feature of Microsoft Office that is designed to give applications the ability to exchange data between each other. Dynamic Data Exchange This chapter explains how to use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) with LookoutDirect.
DDE is the Microsoft message-based protocol used by applications like Microsoft Excel and LookoutDirect to link to data in other applications.

You can use DDE for instance to update a table in a Word document using Excel data.

DDE or Dynamic Data Exchange was the original Office method.
5. The DDE protocol is a set of messages and guidelines. Dynamic tags can only be added at the device level; however, dynamic tags added to tag groups are rejected. A bookmark is simply a named marker placed within the Word document.

5. OLE or Object Linking and Embedding replaced DDE many years ago, DDE should be dead like the proverbial parrot. Closes Excel. In the following example, the Excel application is invoked using the X command; a spreadsheet called SHEET1 is loaded; data are sent from SAS to Excel for row 1, column 1 to row 20, column 3; and the commands required to select a data range and sort the data are issued.

Microsoft defines DDE as follows: “Windows provides several methods for transferring data between applications. You can issue commands to Excel or other DDE-compatible programs directly from SAS using DDE. Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE): In the Windows, OS/2, and (with third-party development kits) other operating systems, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) allows information to be shared or communicated between programs. When the data in a source application changes, it dynamically updates all linked data (in real-time).

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